Lectures and classes

Please note the current informations given at the homepage of the IEVB as well as in stud.IP. A detailed (and up-to-date) list of all contact persons is given here.

Technical Thermodynamics IWSDr.-Ing. N. Schaffel-Mancini
M. Sc. A. Schwabauer
Technical Thermodynamics IISSDr.-Ing. N. Schaffel-ManciniM. Sc. A. Schwabauer
Thermische Prozesse in KraftwerkenWSDr.-Ing. M. Mancini Dr.-Ing. M. Mancini
Thermische Behandlung von Rest- und AbfallstoffenSSDr. S. MeyerDr. S. Meyer

Heat Transfer I

SSProf. R. WeberM. Sc. M. Dammann, M. Sc. J. Hoff
Heat Transfer IIWSProf. R. WeberDr.-Ing. R. Buczynski
Combustion TechnologyWSProf. R. WeberDipl.-Ing. Y. Poyraz
Chemical ThermodynamicsSSu.a. Prof. R. Weberu.a. M. Sc. M. Dammann
High Temperature processesSSProf. R. WeberDipl.-Ing. Y. Poyraz, M. Sc. J. Hoff
EnergiesystemeWSu.a. Dr.-Ing. M. Manciniu.a. Dr.-Ing. M. Mancini
Fuel TechnologySSProf. R. WeberDipl.-Ing. Y. Poyraz

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