Group theses

At the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Fuel Technology it is possible to create the group thesis in the master's program in Process Engineering / Chemical Engineering as is the case at the following institutes according to the regulations:

You will have to find your own group and ask the IEVB or the other participating institutes if there are currently topics for group theses for processing. There is no automated assignment of groups and of topics.

In addition, you should register for the group work (W/S 8572) in the Stud.IP course. If the participating institutes wish, contact people, dates and topics will be published in the Stud.IP course. Please note further announcements. However, the lack of such dates and topics does not necessarily mean that a particular institute is not currently offering topics. Please contact therefore directly the given institutes if the topics / dates presented in Stud.IP are not suitable for you.

Possible topics for group work at IEVB can be found under final theses. Topics such as assignments are customisable. Beginning is desirable until 31st October in winter semester or until 30th April in summersemester.


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