At the Institute for Energy Process Engineering and Fuel Technology the following lectures/classes are offered:

  • Technical Thermodynamics I (W 8500, 2V+1Ü),
  • Technical Thermodynamics II (S 8500, 2V+2Ü),
  • Chemical Thermodynamics (S 8411, 2V+2Ü),
  • Heat Transfer I (S 8501, 2V+1Ü),
  • Heat Transfer II (W 8501, 2V+1Ü),
  • Combustion Technology (W 8503, 2V+2Ü),
  • Fuel Technology (S 8522, 2V+1Ü),
  • High Temperature Processes (S 8503. 2V+1Ü),
  • Thermal Treatment of Residue and Waste Materials (S 8508, 2V+1Ü),
  • Thermal Processes in Power Plants (W 8504, 2V+1Ü),
  • Reactive Flows in High Temperature Processes (S 8507, 2V+2Ü),
  • Energy Systems (S 8804, 2V+1Ü).

Contact people for the courses can be found here.

Dates, teaching aids and further information are only available via the respective Stud.IP course.



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