The Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Fuel Technology was established in 1963 as part of the then Mining Academy in Clausthal, now the Technical University of Clausthal, with the goal of providing high quality education and research opportunities in the areas of heat transfer and industrial furnace design. From the beginning, the goals of the focused on converting research results into practical uses for industrial applications. The most important partners of the IEVB are university facilities and industries where material handling and associated energy savings are taken into account, for example: steel, cement, building supplies, glass, and glass industries. Industries in which energy is transformed from one form into another, such as power plants, process heat production, fuel production, etc., are also important partners. Thus, the departmental goals can be summarized as follows:

The goal of the IEVB is to provide a high quality teaching and research environment in the eld of energy related problems relative to process engineering. The institute is focused on the development and optimization of environmentally sound processes that require the conversion and transfer of energy.


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