Written exams

At the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Fuel Technology the following courses are examined using a written exam:

  • Technical Thermodynamics I,
  • Chemical Thermodynamics,
  • Heat Transfer I,
  • Combustion Technology,
  • Thermal Treatment of Residue and Waste Materials,
  • Energy Systems,
  • Fuel Technology I.

Contact people for the courses can be found here.

Dates of the written exams are determined by the examination office and can be found here.

Times, places as well as approved aids are announced in the respective Stud.IP course.

Personal exam results are published at the latest four weeks after the respective written exam via the Studienportal. Overview of exam results may be published in the respective Stud.IP course.

Dates of the reviews for the written exams will be announced at the latest four weeks after the written exam in the respective Stud.IP course.

Special remarks

  • If you want to attend a written exam, you have to register yourself at the examination office / via Studienportal for that exam.
  • If you are an ERASMUS student and if you are not anymore in Clausthal when the regular written exam will take place, it might be possible that you attend an extra oral exam after the lecture period. To achieve this, you must try to register that exam as oral exam at the examination office. You have to explain to the examination office why it is not possible for you to attend the regular exam. In addition to that, you have to identify yourself early to the student support of IEVB. The examination date has to be arranged between the lecturer(s) and you.
  • If you have any questions, contact the student support of IEVB.

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