For Erasmus students only:

If you want to attend an exam provided by Prof. R. Weber, you have to register yourself at the examination office (Prüfungsamt) for that exam. However, if you are not anymore in Clausthal when the regular exam will take place, it might be possible that you attend an extra date as follows:

  1. Heat Transfer 1: In Winter, you will have to attend the regular written exam. Only in Summer, there will by an extra exam shortly after the lecture (normally a couple of days after the last lecture day). Firstly, you will must try to register at the Prüfungsamt as oral exam! You have to explain to the Prüfungsamt why it is not possible for you to attend the regular exam! Identify yourself also in the stud.ip group! The exact date will be arranged between you, the group and Mr. Muster.
  2. Combustion Technology: In Summer, you will have to attend the regular written exam! In Winter, follow the instructions given above (for Heat Transfer) and contact Mr. Alberti.
  3. Chemical Thermodynamics: In Winter, attend the regular written exam! In Summer, follow the instructions given above (Heat Transfer) and identify yourself early to the professor's assistants! The examination date has to be arranged between both Professors and you. 
  4. Heat Transfer 2, High Temperature Processes: There are plenty of possible dates (at least one per month). Pick one of the oral examination provided by the IEVB (see oral exam page).
  5. Lectures which are not provided by Prof. R Weber (Technical Thermodynamics 1 / Technical Thermodynamics 2): Please contact your lecturer (Schaffel-Mancini, Mancini) and ask if it is possible to have an extra exam. However, also the Prüfungsamt has to accept your reasons.
  6. If you are uncertain about the procedure, contact the IEVB team ("Studentenbetreuung")!

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